Wednesday, December 1, 2010


    It's the obvious follow up to the Thanksgiving "Food" post.    I actually like exercise.  I like working out, I like getting sweaty, I like feeling sore the next day.  But, I also burn out and get lazy.   So, I have many "exercise" options.  I have weights and a jump rope and stability ball etc at home for those times when getting to the gym or yoga studio is the big excuse.  Then I have a gym membership with many class options for when I am  on a roll.  Then there are the times when I do nothing.  Sometimes there is a legitimate reason like an injury or illness, but the other reason - flat out laziness - is legit in its own way.
That's when I employ my "get totally psyched" method.  This is when I go to the store and by 4 or 5 workout/women's health magazines.  I read them all in one sitting cover to cover tearing out the pages of exercises that appeal or seem to address something I want to address ( usually glutes and abs ) and any super healthy recipes that seem tasty and encouraging.  Then I start the next day trying the new workout and healthy food.  It restarts my enthusiasm and after a week or two I am out of the doledrums and back on track.
    That said, no one's workout and diet advice is foolproof.  We all live inside a very unique machine that has quirks and needs that are particular to itself.  You have to know your own body and work with it's own needs.  Every body needs exercise, for sure, but what and when and how can be a little different for everyone.  The easiest and most pleasant exercise is to take a walk in the park.

  If you have a dog then you're also doing him some good.

  All you need to do is step it up a little faster than your normal saunter and a little farther than your normal quick once around.  It's a shame not to go for a walk in this beautiful fall weather!

    But when it gets cold you can do lots of things in your own home.  Jumping rope is not as easy as it was in elementary school, believe me.  I was a pro back then!   Now I feel like I'm having a heart attack after 60 seconds.  So I do three 60 second sets.  In three minutes I get an insane cardio challenge.  You can also do yoga at home.  The cardio is a must for weight loss but yoga will keep you flexible and calm and that's a lot.  I love hand stands.  That's my favorite inversion and to me the grandaddy of inversions.  Your feet are in the air and your hands on the ground.  It's perfect for mind, body and spirit.  All you need is a small empty space of wall and the desire to kick yourself up there.

You get a good shoulder and arm strengthener, you experience anti-gravity for a few minutes (something your guts and your brain both enjoy) and you really clear your mind of all thoughts.  Almost all.  You do tend to plan your gracious dismount the entire time your up there. 
The list of physical activities is  endless.  Listen to your body.  Take care of it as best you can.  It works so very hard for you...

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