Tuesday, January 11, 2011


There have been periods of my life when fashion was extremely important to me and times when it was less so, but even in my most casual of moments there is a sense of style present.  An expression of me.

   Clothing is the outermost layer of yourself: the epi-epidermis.  It is always functional but it is more fun when that functionality is hidden by the sheer joy of color or the sensual skin of texture.  Fashion has always been personal for me.  I have always shunned trends ( unless I could manipulate them and make them my own.  Or even better, if I started the trend myself without even realizing it).  There is such a tie between mood, confidence and deportment, with the attire you are encased in.  It makes a world of difference in any situation to feel you are not just adequately dressed but actually perfectly dressed.
  I was always, and always will be, a classic Hollywood fan.  The clothes and fashion elegance are a huge part of my fascination.  The men got to do a lot more back then as well.  Accessories galore!!  So many outfit changes during a single day.  Morning coat, house dress, lunch/shopping suit, cocktail dress, evening gown, dressing gown, driving coat.... It was spectacular.  I try to add some of those gentile touches to my modern wardrobe.  I keep a coordinating cloth hanky in each of my coat pockets as well as each handbag.  I have many brimmed hats, a few cloche hats, several berets, my lingerie drawer is packed with fancy extras.

Like everyone else I guess, I adore the costuming on Mad Men.  After season one I added several smart office dresses to my wardrobe.  We kind of rely on separates more these days and we are missing out on the absolute pleasure of asking for help with your long dress zipper in back.  Not to mention how deprived today's man is of helping with that task.

  I have mentioned before my love of flea markets and thrift stores and of course this is where you can find the most divine, romantic, elegant pieces - there among the rubble.  Even if you don't sew, or the repair work is outside your skill set, a good tailor will take up the challenge with interest.  I  had the lining replaced on an antique silk velvet jacket and the  expert tailor I go to was very perplexed by the construction but her wheels were turning and her eyes were focused and I could see she was eager to attack the project.  It is such a special piece.  Only a couture house would use silk velvet at this point in time and I have my very unique jacket with lining that I picked myself.

  Fashion is fun.  That's all there is to it.  It doesn't have to be costly and shouldn't be "what all the other kids are wearing".  It's a daily form of artistic expression.  It can be fleeting or timeless or classic or nouveau... whatever you choose on any given day make sure it's you and you will light up the room when you walk in.  ( Don't forget to coordinate your hair and make up !)
ooh la la  :)

PS  These photos are all sets from my polyvore collection (cyntillate) but I was having a terrible time getting them to post properly here on my blog.  I 'm afraid now they are even a little fuzzy.  Apologies.

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