Monday, April 11, 2011


In a way way this is a self help post.  In a more obvious way this is a DIY turn that drab corner into a perky corner kind of post.   The lesson learned is that a once drab area that is now a happy area will make you smile a lot more than you would expect.   The above windowsill had an air conditioner unit in it and when I took it out I was left with a very deep window sill waiting to be utilized.  So I made it my prosperity shelf.  It is of course a thousand time more attractive and meaningful than the previous air conditioning unit.

This little table was pretty cute but I have had it for ages and it was not making much of a statement.  So, I painted it red leaving just a little natural wood and now it looks so chic over there by the window!

This little set of drawers has also been banging around for years and was in need of a change.  So I stained it black to match the headboard and lamp and put it next to the bed.  It looks like the whole set came together!

This old grandpa was crying out for help.  When I sanded it, the old finish kind of crumbled off.  It drank in 5 coats of paint too!  I should have used a primer but I usually do these projects at night and stick with what ever supplies I've got.  This piece went from gloomy booze cabinet to trendy Mexican restaurant !

This little brown chair couldn't be more utilitarian.  I like it for that but it should have a little fun too so I made it the same aqua as the cabinet.

Now the lesson is there - brighten up your day by brightening up a couple of neglected items in your living space.  The cost is minimal and the satisfaction is priceless.  These are the kind of items easily found at flea markets and garage sales anyway.  So if you don't have enough furniture in those boring corners go hunt down something that needs a little love.  Just like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree the payback is enormous.

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  1. I love this!!! Thanks for brightening up my rainy day.