Thursday, October 13, 2011


I really love Halloween.  So many of my favorite things gathered together on one holiday.  The fact that it's a holiday !  Costumes, candy, scary themed parties, dark and spooky music, little kids running around completely jacked up on sugar with capes flying behind, adults concocting witches brew and the once a year use of the most magical invention dry ice, weird anti - Halloween parents spreading terrifying urban legend to try to dampen the festivities but actually only making them better, haunted houses that make you pee your pants... the list goes on.


I love candy.  I really loved candy when I was a kid.  I was lucky enough to have a mom and pop grocery store conveniently located between my elementary school and home that carried all the old time candies.  I am sure I tried every single one.  I still get excited when I see some of my old favorites like Abba Zabba or U-NO.  Of course, you can order it all online but it's more fun seeing on the shelf of an actual store.  I got these pix of my old favs from a site called old time candy.  They're all there !

I realize 'Beer Nuts' are not really candy but they used to have them at the liquor store on the counter and I was always able to get my mom to buy me some.  They are hard to find.  Sweet n salty.  Those little peanut butter bars under the Abba Zabba are the perfect candy.  Sugary, crunchy and peanut buttery in the middle.  I was considering making myself a Halloween bag of all this stuff but it's gotten kinda pricey and I don't know that my teeth or my waistline can handle that kind of sugar fest.  I will probably just grab a couple of 'fun size'  Heath bars and Butterfinger. ( I think standard size is actually more 'fun' than bite size but such is the whacky mindset of marketing)


Chris Elliot's character in Scary Movie 2 was hilarious but also very creepy.  I like some scary movies but not so much the obvious kind where someone goes on a killing rampage.  I guess the classics are classic for a reason - The Shining, The Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby, Jaws.  Yeah, Jaws scared the pants off you the first time you saw it!
This weekend has 2 good Halloween things coming out - The Thing ( it's a prequel so I have hopes) and the season premiere of The Walking Dead on tv. ( I loved last season).  It's fun to have a Halloween warm up scary movie fest - even if you just watch 'Scary Movie 1,2,3...


Here is my Halloween playlist:

Bela Lugosi's Dead - Bauhaus
Cry Little Sister - Lost Boys - The Tribe
Saint-Saens:Danse Macabre Symphony #3
Black No. 1 - Type O Negative
Fall Fest - The Covenant
Tote Kinders - Die Form
Bloodletting - Concrete Blonde
This is Halloween - The Nightmare Before Christmas
Everyday is Halloween - Ministry
Nemesis - Shriekback
Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie
Time to Die - Chris Vrenna
Blood, Brains and Rock 'n Roll - Zombie Girl

So we are off to a good start.  Now, time to plan the costume !  So many choices I don't know what to do.  I guess I will eat some candy, watch some scary movies and see what crazy costume thoughts prevail.  Happy Halloween !!!!



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