Saturday, December 3, 2011

Quitting the Gym...

So, I quit my gym membership a few months ago to save some $$ and thought I would just workout at home and maybe start jogging. 

  I talked about that plan for the next two and a half months. Then I actually made a few purchases.  I bought a hoola hoop and a ballet warmup dvd.  I LOVE the hoola hoop.  You have to start slow and only do 5 minutes at a time at first or you will feel bruised.   I am now doing 15 minutes at a time and no bruises!  It’s a really fun aerobic workout and  waist slimming at the same time.  I have only just started at 15 minutes so I can’t yet testify to the results but I’m having so much fun it doesn’t matter.
  The ballet dvd on the other hand didn’t really appeal to me.  I took ballet for years, so it’s not that ballet doesn’t appeal to me.  I honestly think it was the setting.  This very pretty woman is doing her ballet warmup out on a grassy cliff over looking the ocean with tropical flowers everywhere and a huge swimming pool and statuary in the background.  It was very annoying as I was in my tiny bedroom trying to find enough space to have a full range of leg and arm movement without hurting myself.  I would have preferred her to be in a ramshackle ballet studio ( the kind we are all used to) with a boom box playing the usual piano music.  Was I jealous? Hells yeah!  The reason I am at home with this frikin’ dvd and not in the gym is because I am cutting corners.  I don’t need to be reminded that some women out there don’t have my problem...
  On the other hand, Tracy Anderson has us budget-strapped gals covered with her free webisodes on YouTube.
There are a whole bunch of them and they are really unique and fun.  She even has a couple where she is in Central Park.  She lays down right there on a rock and does some crunches!  I love you Tracy !  The polar opposite of the paradise island spacious lawn ballet workout. 
So I have the hoop and Tracy Anderson and so far so good.  The next step is figuring out a route for some fast walking with hand weights.  That shouldn’t be too hard.  It takes that first one or two times to develop a routine and then it becomes your workout.  You can waste time and do a crappy workout at the gym just as easily as at home only you’re paying for it.  So, why not have something to brag about and get into awesome shape without the gym!  The price of hand weights, and hoop don’t even come close to one month gym membership.  And YouTube is still free...
See you out in the real world skinny bitches!!!

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