Monday, March 19, 2012


This is not a cupcake - it is a small cake

   At this point in time I don't think we can refer to the 'cupcake craze' anymore.  Cupcakes have found their place and are holding strong.  I used to hate cupcakes when I was a kid.  I always wished I had a slice of layer cake instead.  It seemed like a waste of time.  The cake part was always too dry and there was not enough frosting for my liking.  But 21st century cupcakes have fixed all that and then some.  They have evolved into little flavor-packed, moist, frosting-laden, colorful, unexpected mini-desserts!
This is a cupcake

There is even a tv show dedicated to cupcakes called Cupcake Wars.  The first thought that comes to my mind is two teams armed with catapults and crossbows loaded with colorful cupcakes and, of course, bad ass hilarity ensues.  Unfortunately, it's just people trying to win fame and money with their recipes. Zzzz...

Saturday was indeed St Pat's

This weekend I made 4 dozen cupcakes just to get the full cupcake experience.  (getting two teams together was tempting...)

Best with milk, not green beer

Cupcakes are a definite crowd pleaser.  They take the same time and effort as a layer cake but seem so much more casual.  No one has to ask for 'just a sliver'.  If they are out on a table, they are easy to grab and go.  Less intimidating.

(made with strawberry puree)

soooo gooood!!!

I have to mention the gluten-free crowd here as it is an ever growing crowd.  There is a lovely food blog called canelle et vanille which is a gorgeous food blog and has tons of fantastic gluten free recipes.

gluten free lemon cupcakes

Usually gluten free baked goods tend to be dry and weird tasting but this woman has invented some delish, very gourmet recipes.  Thanks c&v !

moist gluten free lemon poppy seed !

All the cupcakes I made this weekend were pretty basic but basic cupcakes are good!  Maybe I will try to get fancy with the decoration and flavor combos next time.  One thing is for sure - everyone loves cupcakes.  I think however many dozen you make, they will be gone.

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring, and I have been saving that picture of the mini cake decorated with adorable Spring flowers for about a month.  Glad to get to use it.  Happy Equinox : )

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