Thursday, May 3, 2012


When I decided to write a post titled 'Art' I had no real plan.  But I really wanted to post about art.  Next thing I knew I was 3 hours into a youtube marathon.   Yes indeed, there is way too much art on the ole utubs!
  My journey started with ballet, as it should.  There is a lovely 02:36 minute short film here which at the end of that 2 1/2 brought a tear.  ( I do love things ballet).
Just to 'keep it real' and internet there is another dance production that needs to be seen.  click on this!
It's 07:34 minutes of gorgeous!  Dubstep Dance France.  Amazing choreography.  It builds so don't watch one minute and think you've seen it. 
Another spectacle that follows the dance theme is this Shaolin Monk Rain Demonstration (link).  Martial arts demos are always like dance numbers but this is particularly artistic.
I also came across the art of calligraphy.  this is a 04:03 minute explanaton of the art.  Worth watching!  But this Japanese archery demo is beautiful and touching - please watch.
What other arts might there be out there in the youtube-iverse? Plenty.
here is 01:02 minutes of pure awesomeness.  Anamorphic art.  And if that's not enough, there's this crazy shadow hands performance here with nice soundtrack : )
Kind of along the same thread is this sand art which will surprise you in 03:56 minutes.
There is a ton of comic book art.  Tons of it amazing.  I particularly like this collage of ENKI BILAL couples.  Dark and beautiful...
As my last post was sort of a rant about my disappointment with certain perfumes, let me include a couple of romantic perfume ads : this one is everything a coco chanel ad should be.  And my love of Chanel number 5 is personified here.
I want to end my post on art and youtube with a music video that is near and dear to me.  The song is an underground classic and the animation does it every bit of good : )  Please Enjoy !!!

BTW - I think if you watch every one of these videos it's about 40 minutes worth...

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