Thursday, August 9, 2012


The iconic 'old broad' Margaret Dumont

I guess I need to start out by saying that I think 'old broad' is a compliment.  It means to  me a woman who is no longer a 'pretty young thing' and is perfectly fine with that.  Old broads to me are women who are smart, sure of themselves, confident around men, aware of their femininity, basically over 40 and owning it.  I have Margaret Dumont leading the pack because she was all that in 7 Marx Bros movies.  Any human being who could hold their own surrounded by the Marx Bros deserves kudos but the wonderful 'Mrs. Teasdale' character in Duck Soup was truly inspiring!  Between that and Rosalind Russell's 'Auntie Mame' I grew up looking forward to getting old and being an awesome old broad.

My favorite scene

In and amongst all the appalling tv shows and movies highlighting miserable middle aged women doing anything and everything to try to pass for teenagers (again) , we do still have quite a few spectacular role models out there.

This picture says it all...

Betty White has had a long successful career, but the cool thing to me is everyone loves her now.  She's 90 and possibly enjoying the most popular moment in her career.  There is no one who wouldn't agree that Betty White kicks ass!

Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel is also 90.  She is not as well known as Betty but MAC cosmetics chose her for this campaign and The Metropolitan Museum of Art used her as the focus for an exhibit in 2005.  She's an interior designer by trade, but at this point she is very much a style icon.  She's got a new jewelry line, handbags, she designs glasses for Eyebobs. .. She's quite the busy old broad!

Watch out for the fashion police!

OMG!  I do love Joan Rivers.  She will be 80 next year (I wish I could go to that bday party!!!) and she is more current and savvy and ballsy then just about anyone.  She decided to "own it" way before anyone else by joking about herself, her looks, her age, and then her surgeries.  You really can't insult her or embarrass her because she's already laid it all out there.  I think she's spectacular.

Raquel still rockin' it

I have no idea how Raquel Welch still looks this fab but it's who she is.  She's that gorgeous sex bomb from the mid 60s and still going strong.  This was another MAC cosmetics ad featuring an old broad - thanks MAC!  She has written books about beauty and yoga, she has a line of wigs.  She's busy.  And gorgeous.  That's right baby!

Jane is the best!!!

Jane Fonda has been my idol forever.  I love her.  Every movie she has ever been in, she has given her 110%.  She is not fooling around.  But she is funny and sweet and strong and caring... She has so much integrity and is so professional that we should all try to be a bit like her.  This photo is from The Newsroom where she plays a network exec. That in itself is amazing and hilarious. I would call her a truly awesome old broad.

I have to thank all these women for being themselves and for giving us all inspiration to be our own awesome old broads when we get the chance.  xoxo

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