Saturday, September 8, 2012


I love this photo.  You think something scary is about to happen.  Somehow ghosts and evil spirits announce themselves by interrupting the show you're watching with a static-y screen.  Then the unsuspecting couch potato lumbers over to the set and hits it a couple of times ... then all Hell breaks loose.  It's a great formula because the background noise of the t.v. somehow lulls us into a feeling of safety.  If you are alone and a little scared, you are going to have the t.v. on even if you're in the next room.  Because everyone knows ' what you don't hear can't hurt you'.  The t.v. is most people's first babysitter, so I guess there is a subconscious attachment and feeling of safety when it's on.
Having said all that, some of my favorite shows are very disturbing.

I'm obsessed with Breaking Bad.  I know I'm not alone.  Check this 'fan art' out:

The glamorous world of chemistry has caught all of our attention!  Really the living nightmare that is the making, buying, selling and smoking of crystal meth is what has caught our attention.  And the backdrop of New Mexico.  And Jesse.  Everyone knows at least one lovable dumb ass and Jesse is the best!

Jesse and Walter cookin in the desert!

You can find some pretty scary stuff on Adult Swim in the wee hours.  This picture of classic old school Adult Swim looks harmless, but it wasn't I can assure you.

Many episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force were very hard to endure.  But, like Tim and Eric Awesome show Great Job or Tom Goes to the Mayor, you can't turn away.  The dark and terrible truth must be witnessed.  It is indeed the world around us.

Carl is an awful human being, but a great Halloween costume!

Some other scary late night animated shows : Children's Hospital (actually live action) , Metalacolypse, Xavier Renegade Angel, Venture Bros... some might seem innocently funny.  Just poking fun at American life, but...

I promise you, this is some scary shit!
One of the best animated shows of all time - of all time - is/was Invader Zim.  Just scary enough.

He did some serious damage

One of the best characters ever!!!

More incredible nail art!

Sometimes a really, really good show comes along, has a few really good seasons, then disappears.  Like Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles.  That was a great show.  It even had Shirley Manson as a terminator.

I hate when awesome shows are cancelled.  It's obvious that all the intelligent people are hooked on dark and scary t.v. because it's a dark and scary world and regular t.v. is way, way too frightening.  Those 'talent' shows and reality shows, and table talk shows with completely insane housewives telling us what is right... or the evilest of all - the news !
No, I will watch these thought provoking dark comedies and dramas rather than the very slow and painful suicide of regular t.v.

Remember Rome on HBO?  I think it was a little ahead of it's time.  I think now they would have made it a series with 5 or 6 seasons.  It would have been great!  That's another crazy thing we all do is buy the dvd of the entire season and watch it like it's our job.  "Just one more episode".  Those famous words uttered at 2am... I did that with Lost, Battle Star Gallactica and now Breaking Bad.  I wish it was my job!  I would be President, Chairman and CEO .

Their job was watching bad sci fi 

I guess now that I have finished this post I will go watch some t.v.

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