Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hitting the Road

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Hitting the road means different things to different people.  I'm not talking about a "road trip" which implies destination and stopping at wacky motels along the way.  That is certainly fun and I'm pretty much always up for that but I'm currently jonesing for a camper-type road trip where the road is kind of the destination.  I keep seeing all these cool-o caravan campers and vintage air stream type of things that I want really badly to own.  really need...

This just might be the life for me.  I am an experienced camper so I know all the downside.  But the upside is so up!  Sleeping in this adorable little gypsy-style bedroom is not hard to imagine.

Or this awesome vintage camper!  So cute and cheery!  And honestly it probably has about the same square footage as a New York studio apt !

So while I'm over romanticizing, I may as well picture a vogue fashion shoot outside my trailer!

Yes! I've made up my mind... I'm going to live in one of these.  Someday... soon.  I will keep you posted : ))

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