Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Another blog birthday!!!
Three years of blogging about random stuff and posting photos to go with said random bloggings...

My last blogpost was May 30th.  Today is August 21... That is the longest lull in PLG history.  If it weren't for the tremendous import of today's birthday recognition, who knows when I would have decided to sit down and scribble out a new post.  But here I am and a birthday is under way and celebrations need to commence!

Being the 21st of the month I would calculate that my blog is a Leo/Virgo cusp.  Some would say Leo but not me.  I didn't give any thought to the astro birth sign of my blog until now.  Which is weird for me.  Considering the attention-hungry nature of a blog, Leo/Virgo makes perfect sense.  It's funny that I do not relate to Leo or Virgo yet when I am blogging I think maybe I become that sort... Anyway, lets get this party started!

These are the kind of cakes and gelato that this blog deserves.   I have been neglectful and need to feed my blogs' inner child with fancy cakes and kind words.  It's been a strange summer, strange weather, strange goings on.  I guess I was uninspired to be witty and entertaining but now that summer is almost gone and PLG is having a birthday, things seem to be falling into place.  The mundane and trite realities of the blogosphere seem to be calling.  The world and all its' problems be damned; there is cake and ice cream to be eaten and confetti that needs tossing and even some music and dancing to be done!  This blog has had its' vacation.  It's back and ready for one more year.  Oh yes... at least one more year!  Mark my words - the best is yet to come.

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