Saturday, August 21, 2010

Being Pretty

Being pretty is something all little girls practice.  We know it's more fun to be pretty than not and a lot of the fun is in the tools and accessories.  I always thought that boys were just a little jealous of all the ribbons and bows, party dresses and party shoes, curlers and hairspray, slips and tights etc...
Big boys ( men ) are still interested but in a more interactive way - they openly appreciate the way we express 'pretty'.   It is an art and we are lucky to get to practice that art if and when we want to.  I think 'pretty' spills over into many areas of our lives -  the interiors we design, the food we prepare, the stationary we use, the etiquette we follow, the jokes we tell and the way we move.  I don't think pretty is frivolous; I think it it is important. This blog is dedicated to all of the important things I think belong to the art and being of pretty. I look forward to discovering, remembering and exploring all the many things that go into the wonderful world of the pretty lucky girl.

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