Thursday, August 26, 2010


"I liked the poetic idea that fragrance is a kind of language that doesn't use words or images.  It's invisible."  - Jacques Polge: Perfumer, Chanel

The invisible language of perfume is understood by all - man and beast.  Nothing brings memories flooding to the surface like a long forgotten scentThe scent of plants and food and human pheromones...  its a magical, invisible world.  The world of perfume is a gift to all of us.  The talent and art that makes up the great perfumes that we all enjoy is well worth praise and worth being the first topic here at prettyluckygirl.

Perfume Bottles

  No matter how large or small or messy or fanatically organized your perfume collection may be, the assortment of bottles and liquids there on your dresser or in your bathroom or highlighted in a special cabinet somewhere is an art installation in your home.  The beauty and romance of the perfume bottle can not be overpraised.  Of course today's perfume bottle is merely a container for a commercial product in comparison to the spectacular bottles of the early 20th century, but they still have a charm of their own and some try harder than others.  You can of course obtain handmade bottles and dispense your perfume into a more artful container if you want.  Very often the distasteful bottle holds an unpleasant scent but there are exceptions and transferring a perfume you like into a hand blown glass or vintage crystal bottle is a way to elevate that scent to its rightful place.

The Fragrance

  The charm and mystery which accompanies you when wearing a dab of just the right fragrance is worth all the tea in China.  The affect on your overall mood is extraordinary.  No pretty lucky girl should ever be without a fragrance which delights her.  I buy almost all products - personal and household - based on their scent.  For instance, I enjoy cleaning the kitchen with Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Geranium scent household cleaner.  The Neutrogena clear complexion bar takes me back to my early childhood.  The amber scented anti-bacterial hand wipes from Victoria's Secret bring calm relief to the airport experience. Diptyque's softening hand wash leaves my hands smelling so heavenly I can't keep them away from my nose.  There is nothing wrong with liking the smell of Pledge funiture polish - its reminds you of home and mother.  Who can resist opening that bottle of almond extract in the kitchen cabinet and taking a nice long whiff ?
There are many pleasing fragrances in daily life but the art and skill of the parfumeur brings a completely different level of experience.  The well crafted perfume has layers of scent that present themselves in their own time once applied to the skin.  A world of love and life and joy can be created through this olfactory experience.  There is no end to the mystery and drama created through the expertly crafted perfume.  Pretty, yes.  But lucky also.  Many perfumes have the word luck or chance in the name because you can feel so special that you believe that today is your lucky day.  This scent has weaved a cloud of luck around you and you can't lose.  The pretty lucky girl is aware of the power of the attractive scent as well as the pleasure.  Envelope yourself in pleasing fragrance always!  Even at bedtime, it will add to the quality of your sleep.

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