Thursday, November 4, 2010


  I used to say that I had a shoe fetish.  People would then assume that I owned a gazillion pairs of shoes.  But that, to me, would be a shoe hoarder, not fetishist.  The definition of "fetish" is 'an object of irrational reverence or obsessive devotion".  By this definition a shoe fetishist could own but one pair of shoes that she would love and admire beyond rational behavior.  I not only do not own an obscene number of pairs of shoes, I am not irrationally devoted to shoes at all.  I do LOVE certain shoes.  I marvel at some shoes, thinking about their beauty and creative construction but it is not really even a hobby.  I think I considered myself a "shoe fetishist" because I am very particular about shoes and I get very excited about a pair of shoes that meets my particular aesthetic.  I like shoes with character, with a touch of whimsy even.  Shoes are in the same category as hats and gloves for me even though shoes are completely necessary regardless of weather conditions.

    Shoes are indeed of incredible practical importance. If you take away a persons shoes they won't get very far... It's impossible to dance on pointe without the right shoes... Although it seems like you should be able to golf barefoot, you apparently are better of with spikes on your shoes. This list is very long. The obvious is frostbite or cut and blistered etc. Shoes have been limited at times in history. Remember that possibly fictional grandparent who walked 80 miles in the snow barefoot to get to the one room unheated school that served crackers and broth for lunch? That poor guy ! No Nike sneakers, no Timberland boots, no Doc Maartens. What a disaster. Yes we are spoiled but honestly a pair of shoes should be standard issues when you arrive on this planet.
70s Tretorn's

Those rough historical periods are lessons learned. There are the better times when people can express themselves through the art of fashion.

My trusty Dehner's.  The most beautiful, functional shoe ever !
The real ART being to satisfy the actual need of function while simultaneously satisfying the need for aesthetics. As elevated human beings (elevated beyond animal at least) we have a need for art.
vintage cuties

thank you La Perla for making shoes as sexy as lingerie
So shoes, which are a life saver, deserve to be elevated to the highest position of daily artistic expression. And they very often are.

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