Sunday, May 15, 2011


This picture has been my screen saver for months.  I adore it.  Then I discovered a shirt with the same ruffled stripe fabric and bought it and wore it a few times but it certainly didn't have the impact of this cute little bikini.

So after some flickering the light bulb finally went on and I made my own adorable little bikini.

The beach ball and glasses should be easy to find but the umbrella may pose a problem.  No worries, I have recreated for a few dollars a very expensive and very stylish look and that makes me quite pleased with myself.

I have had this suede top hat for ages, I think I wore it to a Mad Hatters party or something.  But it had been collecting dust until I saw this picture in a catalogue and thought it was adorable.  So I gave it a try.

I think it came out pretty darn good. Now I can go to  a rugby match involving England and everyone will know where my loyalties lie.

Not all my fix its are inspired by photos.  sometimes the article itself presents a problem and there is a simple solution.  Like this lovely Turnbull & Asser tailored men's shirt that I found in a thrift shop.

The original owner must have had very short arms because if I turned up the french cuff the sleeves were too short for me.  But with them down they were perfect, giving a blousiness to the sleeve.  So I thought to make some cute cufflinks for all 4 buttonholes.  

These seemed pretty adorable so I switched out the buttons down the front and made 4 pair of cufflinks.

Pretty cute !

Don't be afraid to try and do it yourself.  Just like most creative endeavors there is always the occasional flop or two, but the learning process is worth it and the successes are so fun !

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