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Norman Parkinson

Norman Parkinson by Irving Penn American Vogue 1958
I recently acquired several books regarding the life and work of photographer Norman Parkinson or as he was known in the biz "Parks".  A couple of the photos were familiar to me but most were not. His work is stunningly glamorous, stylish, imaginative and au currant no matter if it was the 1930s or 1970s.  He absolutely had his finger on the pulse of the world of fashion throughout his entire career.
He is very British and fell in love and married a very British, very beautiful actress, who became his model/muse - the epitome of "Englishness" in the late 40s & early 50s.  Her name was Wenda and they were married in 1947.

Wenda 1951

Vogue 1948

A family voyage

Later on he would have other favorite models like Iman and Jerry Hall.  In the early 60s he had a favorite from Sweden named Nena von Schlebrugge that I adore.  She had a spectacular classic willowy model figure and gorgeous young sophistication.  This photo with the roadster and doggies is adorable.

Nena 1958
Lady Curre's Itton fox-hounds 1951
Only an Englishman could have taken this photo! Amidst the action and chaos there is a lovely order.
Henley Regatta, June 11, 1950
Unidentified sitter, 1936
Some of his very early portraits, like this little boy, were imaginative and artistic in a way that reveal what an artist Parkinson was.  This one of three debutantes is even daring its it's avant garde composition.
Debutantes 1935
His early fashion photography is just what you think of when you think Vogue.  Smart, sophisticated, cutting edge, leading the world to a place of elegance and beauty.




Parks was not just a man of his era.  He had no problem capturing the look and feel of the English 60s

Raquel Welch 1967 (gorgeous!!)

Maybe even more impressive is his grasp of 70s glamour.  He starts to get almost Helmut Newton ish.

So, I would like to raise a glass to an exceptional artist, liver and lover of life, and giver of pleasure to the rest of us with his extreme talent, wit and imagination. To you Parks !

Norman Parkinson and Frauke, 1985

I photographed these photographs from these books :

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