Sunday, July 24, 2011


Someone has a birthday coming up.... PLG will celebrate it's one year anniversaire in August and as is customary when planning a party, I realized I needed to clean house.

Not this house, actually this one is pretty clean.  But my cyber home at blogspot is in a wee bit of a state of neglect.

These random photos, for example.  What to do?  They are awesome yet have not made their way into a post.
I did tweet this one but...

It just goes really well with this one.  Riding the subway has become a lot more tolerable thanks to this high level of poster art.

So back to cleaning up the blog... Ugh.  Aside from having a bunch of cool photos ( that I will interject without comment henceforth) that got sort of lost in the shuffle, there was a good bit of rearranging and cleaning to be done on the blog itself.

First I realized I never quite finished off my profile.  My favorite movies looked like someone else had filled it out, maybe 4 favorite books and no interests...

So that's all pretty much up to speed.  Then my blogroll was ancient.  I don't remember ever going to some of the blogs I "hearted".   That's been updated.

My favorite iphone apps needed a little primping as well.  Then there was "pages"...

Nothing much to do there.  Fairly orderly.  I do need to take more graffiti photos and eventually add to the poetry collages but that will take some time.  (Maybe in time for the party ?)

I felt compelled to switch out the travel log slide show for something a little more relevant and a lot more delicious.   Watching all that food go by, it's kind of amazing I made all those dishes but even more amazing that I ate all those dishes.  Oh well, just prove my theory that homemade food doesn't make you fat.  Or my other theory: sometimes when you have a lot on your plate : ) you don't have time to eat.

Anyway, I also added a 'subscribe to this blog' widget.  We'll see.

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