Thursday, July 14, 2011


    It's about time I wrote about one of my favorite things in life - movies.  Since I first discovered Shirley Temple when I was about 4 years old, I have been in love with classic Hollywood.  That day after sitting in front of the tv, hypnotized by this little girl, my age, singing, tap dancing, acting her heart out, I was made aware of a bigger world out there.  The fantasy world of the black and white, classic Hollywood moving picture.   I spent a lot of time in those childhood years watching the classics.  So when I thought about this post, a few times, I didn't know how to attack it.  I love modern movies too!  It's very hard to organize this subject.  So, I just picked off the top of my head.  I didn't research or ponder, I just decided to make lists of the first things that came to mind.  I started with :

HEART-STOPPING BEAUTIES  (character name and actress)

'Slim' played by Lauren Bacall

'Scarlett'  played by Vivien Leigh

'Lise Bouvier'  played by Leslie Caron

'Baby Doll'  played by Carroll Baker

'Barbarella'  played by Jane Fonda

'Bonnie Parker'  played by Faye Dunaway

'Kim Macaffee'  played by Ann Margaret

'Maggie Dubois'  played by Natalie Wood

'Natalia Landauer'  played by Marisa Berenson

'Lady Jessica'  played by Francesca Anis

These are the first 10 that came to mind.  And they are indeed a collection of spectacular characters played by spectacular actresses.
  I naturally had to follow that with a list of actors.


'Sam Spade'  played by Humphrey Bogart

'Nick Charles'  played by William Powell

'Egbert Souse'  played by WC Fields

'Adenoid Hynkel'  played by Charlie Chaplin

'Homer Parish'  played by Harold Russell

'Father Fitzgibbon'  played by Barry Fitzgerald

'Maxim de Winter'  played by Lawrence Olivier

'James bond'  played by Sean Connery

'Edward Scissorhands'  played by Johnny Depp

'Hawkeye'  played by Daniel Day Lewis

  All of these characters, male and female, have touched me deeply.  Each one brave in some way, maybe a little ahead of their time or outside the box or just stubborn and strong.  I love them all.

  I then tried to think of lines from movies that had stuck in my head over the years and I actually came up with a few.  There are more modern movies in this list, not sure why...

"I think we can walk to the curb from here"  Annie Hall

"Mmm  Italian food."  Mafia

"Just be careful with your comins and your goins and your what-not"  Observe and Report

"I got to get organise"  Scarface

"Kurtz got off the boat"  Apocalypse Now

"Oil can what?"  The Wizard of Oz

"The next time a woman slaps you, you'll take it and like it"  The Maltese Falcon

"Why these are great on   ...    or even plain"  Holiday Inn

"As soon as you grow hair and get younger,  I'll stop calling you old and bald."  Baby Doll

"I'll take the next one"  Ghostbusters

"Simone, let's talk about your big butt"  Pee Wee's Big Adventure

 "I'm afraid of heights.  I get dizzy walking on thick carpet"  My Favorite Brunette

There is no way I can make a list of top 10 movies.  I would first have to make top 10 categories I think. I don't know.  This is just the first movie post.  I will have to think of how to proceed from here but I'm off to a good start.  Movies, i love you !

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