Sunday, August 21, 2011



Well, it has been one full year.  It's very satisfying to know that I hung in there.  I do have a tendency to get bored... but the blogosphere is actually a pretty fun place.  Checking stats is fun.  Seeing that someone from the Ukraine or Saudi or Chile took a peek... wondering what they thought when they haphazardly stopped off at prettyluckygirl.
I guess my original intention was an artistic outlet and the remote chance of sharing my viewpoint with others.  It turned out to be a great way to organize my thoughts and photos and activities.  And the commitment  was just enough to keep me going and not scare me off.  Way to go blog !
I kinda feel like giving myself a pat on the back, then eating that cake would be nice and maybe setting some goals for next year.

Ok, so, goals for next year...
I have, of course, fantasized that some Chinese billionaire would randomly find my blog, decide that he had to have that domain name ( and kick ass favicon - coming soon! ) and he would offer me several billions and I would take them.  Yes, I would pimp out my blog name.  And logo.  They would have better lives than what I can offer them.  Probably an awesome HQ in a swanky Hong Kong high rise, billboards all over Asia... the good life.  Meanwhile, I would be doing pretty well myself.  
So, if you're out there Chinese billionaire... 'Let's do this'.

Meanwhile, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRETTYLUCKYGIRL!!!  And thank you prettyluckyreaders :))

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