Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Wonderful, Welcoming, World of the Internet

Nyan Cat nail tutorial on You Tube... Hell Yes!

So, after my blog's big bday bash, I decided to give it a vacation.  Now it's time to get back to talking to myself, or really typing to myself, and reconnect with being a prettyluckygirl.  I have mentioned a lot of kind of obvious reasons that I ( and the rest of America) are pretty lucky, like movies, hair, shoes, margaritas, perfume, access to photos by Norman Parkinson... but I have yet to openly give my thanks to the most obvious piece of luck in all our lives - the internet.
While on vacation from thinking and writing, I spent massive amounts of time dithering around the internet.  A staycation if you will.  I know we all recognize it's value and importance, but having taken my vacation on the internet I can assure you it's everything it's cracked up to be and more.  ( one huge plus to the internet is the lack of smells...)
cheap brainpower at MakerFaire

The internet encourages you to get out and do things.  It suggested I go to MakerFaire and that was fun and interesting.  ( if only the designer had been in - that's a damn good price for help).

There is, of course, the best shopping in the world on the internet - tons of amazing things to buy like these arts on Etsy:

I would have bought these if I had more internet monies saved up. ( it does have it's own currency ?)

There were so many nice and talented  people willing to share their ideas.  I liked these veggie sculptures - very whimsical.

papaya pig

eggplant penguins

 The nice thing about a vacation on the internet is that it is so easy to keep in touch.  Yes, I am back and facing the old grind with renewed vigor, but reliving that vacay is just a click away.  Any time I get nostalgic for my summer friends and experiences, I just have to open a new tab.
Anyway, it's time to get busy and start making some internet monies so I can take a more elaborate Christmas vacation - ebay ?

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