Thursday, September 22, 2011


I don't even know who to credit for this photo, but it is hilarious   (Thanks)

The second Fall creeps into the air I want to run out and buy a cozy stylish sweater.  It's a very different experience than the sundresses and bikinis of Summer or the terror that grabs me when I think I don't have a warm enough coat for Winter.  Fall sweaters are more like staying up late to watch a great movie by yourself, or like a perfect chocolate chip cookie, or a little like singing in the shower.  Simple pleasures that make yourself smile.

I have been window shopping on the interwebs and found a few cute sweaters that I would love to have.
I don't know the labels or prices ( half the fun of window shopping) so I can't give links or props etc. for these photos.  But the fact is, I want all of them.

I am pretty much a DIY gal, but knitting turns out to be outside my skill set.  I took a knitting class when I was 10 years old and completed one slipper.  I never got around to making the mate but I was ever so proud of the one.  Then years later I was going to knit scarves for everyone for Christmas.  It took me a month to complete one.  I am a sloooow knitter.  So the super comfy amazing home knit pull over is not coming from me.  Sadly.

Once it's been cool and breezy for a couple of weeks, it's time to get down last years sweaters from the plastic bag thrown on the top shelf of the closet.  I always think they will seem like old friends, stylish and Autumnal.  Instead they look like some bums that crashed my Fall Fantasy party.  I wore the heck out of those things!  And I was dreaming of putting some major knitwear into action right away.

if only...

I do have one ace up my sleeve : I entered a $2500 shopping spree on  Whew.  That should take care of all my seasonal needs.  So, ... Zappos... um... I'll be your best friend ... ?

so soft, and the adorable gloves!

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