Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Old Man Winter

Well, my least favorite time of year is here : January/February.  I hate to dis two entire months but I really just wait them out.  Chinese New Year is the coolest thing about January, but it would be so much more fun if it were in April or May.  And Valentines Day is what it is.  Not much.  So we have Ole Man Winter blowing his bad breath on us and Jack Frost nipping at our toes or nose or something and it's grey and boring.  But I couldn't be prettyluckygirl with that attitude... So let's see what there is to do.

Making hot chocolate is a definite mood lifter.  If you really need a lift you can add some "flavor" like Captain Morgan's or Baileys or why not give Smirnoff  'whipped' a try?  Or not.

I was experimenting with coconut milk and made this very delicious hot chocolate with canned organic coconut milk and Ghiradelli's hot chocolate mix.  Vegan and very rich and creamy.


Winter vegetation is limited but interesting.  I'm still going to the Farmers Mkt on the weekend.  Hearty foods make you feel healthy and full on those short, cold winter days.  I made this yummy root vegetable stew with a miso sauce.

I also made this Kale Ceasar.  Mostly because the name is cute but also it's a nice seasonal salad.

Aside from eating and drinking, there are a couple of other mood lifters I can think of.  My new favorite perfume that I discovered last week.

This rose from diptyque is so cheery.  It's a very modern rose ( no Grandma overtones ).  It's been making me happy and sunshiny since I bought it.

The new season of Portlandia  has also been making me happy and sunshiny.  I'm afraid eating, drinking, wearing perfume and watching comedy is all I can think of to combat Old Man Winter and his nasty, grey, cold, bad breath.  But those are really pretty good weapons actually.  We will make it.
Chinese New Year is January 23, 2012.  The year of the Dragon.  That sounds like a must-see !
Stay warm and happy!!!

*pls click on the portlandia link... you'll be glad you did !

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