Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This year, according to Chinese lunar astrology, is the year of the Dragon; specifically the Water Dragon.

It is supposed to be a very lucky sign of health, wealth, strength and prosperity.  A lot of Chinese couples plan their child's birth for this year so that they get that extra edge in life.  I'm not sure how this awesome lucky year affects the world.  I'm hoping it means we all experience the health,wealth etc for this year.  It is pretty much the opposite of the Mayan calendar prediction of chaos, calamity and destruction.  Considering that China has survived these thousands of years and the Mayans have not, I'm going with the year of the Dragon. 

These guys are awesome !

Like western astrology, each sign has many attributes.  The color attributed to the Dragon is gold.  Very nice.  These two guys are representing luck and good fortune.  I would love for them to accompany me throughout my day...

The Chinese are obviously super psyched about this Dragon year !  They love and embrace this mythical creature unlike western folklore where Dragon Slayers and human sacrifice abound.
For me, I like the concept of the Dragon as a lucky creature like Falcor from Never Ending Story.

Of course, I can't think of Falcor without thinking of Peter Griffin riding Falcor...

At any rate, I am going to hold on to the optimism and good luck of this Dragon year and Mayan calendar be damned !!!

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