Friday, June 15, 2012


Very Vogue


Hair and nails!!!  The above hair and these nails go perfectly together.  They make me think of a Chanel suit, black patent pumps, Chanel #5 and a two martini lunch.  But that's just me.  I love both of these.

I really like all the exotic nail art that's going on out there.  Take a peek:

So exotic!  This last ombre manicure had me at "ombre".  Me want!

nice sparkle french tip ; )

not the best photo, but I want to try this manicure myself...

these Carmen Miranda tips are so crazy

these remind me of Miss Swan from Mad TV

These last two are total 'pretty happy fun nails' .  Maybe a Korean wedding or the fruit ones might work at a Cuban wedding.  Fancy weddings, fancy nails.

binary nails.  oh yeah.

sort of 60s op art

I guess if we are wearing these to weddings we have a Stanford grad and his MIT fiancee finally getting hitched and some really cool, arty gay guys, respectively.

I want these!

I'm going to have to practice, practice, practice if I'm ever going to attempt the Burberry-esque adorable nails.

This is a hair trend I really like.  It's 'hair chalking' and is achieved by applying chalk to your hair.  It washes right out.  I heart this process !

I look forward to playing with this idea...  Here are some pics of nice results:

I love that!!!

The lesson to be learned here is that patience and practice pay off.  Or just pay a professional...
Either way there is a lot of colorful fun to have with hair and nails and a long summer ahead, so I for one am going to give some of these ideas a try. 

Hot Fun In The Summertime : ))

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