Sunday, June 24, 2012


Simply Gorgeous!

The topic of shoes is a personal conversation.  Men and women alike have very specific ideas about what makes a shoe irresistible.  The common theme however, is the patience and thought that we all seem to muster when searching for that right pair of shoes.  Many, many, women find themselves obsessing over shoes. 

Classic black pump

Christian Louboutin has caught many women in his snare.  These lovely shoes have a price tag that only the wealthy can afford.  Yet, they are so seductive that women will spend their children's college fund money to own a pair, or three.


When I see a shoe like this, I see myself in a very classic lunchtime, Parisian,  Chanel- ish kind of thing.  Without a care in the world, I excuse myself from the table and go clicking off to the powder room ... to powder my  nose of course.  So cute.


Some shoe designers have far more abstract daydreams than my Paris luncheon.  These cat shoes are really kind of fun...

The logical assumption would be that the shoes would make you go very fast but that heel looks just a tad difficult.

I think these blade of grass shoes are actually quite beautiful.  They look very wearable and very spring/summer.

Shoes made from a loaf of bread might seem as comfortable as Uggs ( and actually better looking) but if you were to sit on a park bench for a rest you might find yourself fighting off pigeons and dogs.

I like this photo.  I have a feeling it is making a statement but I don't know what.  I guess if I were a man I might be in on it.

This statement is pretty obvious!

This iphone case is made by the sneaker brand Van.  I really want this case but it cost $30 and I am too cheap. I'm a $9.99 phone cover kind of gal.  But if I can ever get past my Scottish heritage and pry open my wallet, I just might buy this...

I can't end a shoe post any better than to leave you with this video -

KELLY,  Oh my God SHOES!!!

(click on the word 'kelly'.   Please!)

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