Sunday, November 4, 2012


drink chamomile tea
burn scented candles (bergamot, sandlewood,chamomile)
have a bowl of soup
pet a dog or cat

bake cookies
organize a closet or drawers or desktop
watch a classic comedy (pre 1980)
take a bath

listen to classical music
rock a baby to sleep
help an elderly person with something
play a board game with some friends

amp up your workout by 20%
go to a hookah lounge or cigar bar
sit by yourself on a park bench
count your blessings

give yourself or a friend a manicure ( or a foot rub)
go to a salon for a wash and blowdry ( or trim and shave guys)
flip through some old photo albums
do some yoga!

  google 'sleeping puppy images'!

feel better yet?

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