Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I am not sure if I have ever written a Christmas list.  I don't even remember having that one present that I obsessed over ( like, say, a Red Rider BB Gun?).  I do however stress over what I am going to get for other people.  Especially adults who either 'have everything' or 'don't like anything'.  So I have compiled a list of gifty things that I would like to both give and receive. 

Yeah... Louboutin ballet shoes.

This one is kind of tricky as this perfume launches in 2013... A card insuring delivery would work.  it's a great follow up to the slippers ; )

A subscription to pique-hosiery. ( a monthly curated hosiery subscription. 2 pair each month)

A Timex hologram watch.  ( the gift for someone who has everything? Everything but a hologram watch...)

Who wouldn't want this?!!!

I love this.  I could waste hours at my desk staring at this instead of writing... instant cozy atmosphere!

This is another ' I can't imagine who wouldn't want this' gift.  If nothing else, it's a cool doo dad on your desk.  Or you could actually take pictures with something other than your phone.

A beautiful vintage quilt.  Let's face it, a lovely gift.

The kind of book that's special enough to make it on my Christmas list!

These are just cool light fixtures I am using as a segway to the 'stocking stuffer' list:

Very fancy stocking stuffer! ( a USB Flash Drive cryptex)

Lovely little garlic crusher!

I don't know how to express why I want this little thing so much.  It's so adorable! ( these little crocheted dolls are called 'Amigurumi'.  And yes, it seems Japanese invented 'cute')

This is the best iphone cover I have seen.  And there are a ton of cool iphone cases.  But this one is definitely the best!

This little slouchy hat is very cute and would be a sweet stocking stuffer!  ( not just for teens )

This is a little heavy for a stocking stuffer.  It's more of a casual gift.  I know I have mentioned Diptyque in the past due to their gorgeous fragrances.  Here they have made an equally gorgeous jar for this candle making it a very special gift.

Another very important part of Christmas gift giving is Wrapping!  I am a gift wrapping expert.  Sort of.  I always wrap all my own gifts and try to match the wrapping to the person receiving it the same way I try to match the gift.  Here are some nice wrapping ideas:

Whew.  Glad I got that all down.  Now I have to get busy doing all the fun things that Christmas brings.  Buying and wrapping and giving gifts to anyone and everyone.  The more the merrier.  Making cookies and cakes and watching Christmas movies.  Buying and decorating the tree.  Decorating the house.  Forcing the dog to wear her antlers long enough to take a hilarious picture.  Sending cards and emails to everyone I don't get to see everyday.  Feeling joyously happy for no other reason than it's Christmas and everyone deserves a smile and some good cheer. Merry Christmas!  Spread the good cheer everyone!!! It's Christmastime and it shouldn't go to waste : ))

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