Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I'm intrigued and amused and curious.  What's the life and times of the New Year baby?  He is obviously a different sort of chap.  Sporting a top hat and diaper in the first months of life he seems quite confident and charming.  But he only has a life span of one year.  That must be why he seems to make the most of it; drinking, partying, carousing...

I decided to do some math ( highly unusual for me) and I figured each month he ages 6.5 years.  But I can only find photos of the new year baby ( sometimes a girl) in the first few months of life.  Here is one where he seems to be in his teens.  Possibly on a date or perhaps that year he had a twin.

Still enjoying the bubbly! And thankfully he has traded the diaper for a Pierrot costume.  I found another pic where I'm guessing ( and this is pure speculation) that he got a little too festive at midnight and was unable to pull it together New Year's Day, so this very helpful, loving and quite strong little village maid had to do the job of toting the New Year's greeting around town.

There just isn't enough documentation to piece together  'The Life and Times of the New Year's Baby'.  I hate to think of him just fading away in middle age, around July, trying to get people psyched for a year that's already half over and possibly not everything he promised back on Jan 1.
Or even Sept. drunk and surly defending his year in some dive bar, drinking Freixenet Brut with a whiskey chaser... No wonder he doesn't let anyone take his picture.  Unless maybe they've got mug shots of him down at the station and some kindly old cop doesn't have the heart to sell them to People Magazine. 

I do have proof however that his story doesn't end a tragic 'where are they now?' episode on VH1. Luckily, there is this one picture of him with wings, so at least we know how ever low he sank he was forgiven in the end.

He gets to be a baby angel! Whew.  I'm glad there's a happy ending for him.  It's not really the easiest job apparently but in the end he gets to buddy up with the man in the moon.  Another character we know so little about...

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