Sunday, March 17, 2013


roger-vivier found on indulgy

Shopping in general has never been easier.  If you play on Pinterest or Polyvore or Indulgy you are shopping the globe and with the help of filters and other people's research skills.  Since Spring is nearly here it feels like shoe shopping time.  I wandered around on Zappos for a bit and found a few nice pairs:

It seemed like Zappos wanted to have everything under the sun but really has more of the everyday, work or work related event shoe represented. The decades old stiletto-stripper every color of the rainbow ( with red bottom if you are totally insane ) shoe is still everywhere, clogging up the works for prettier models to take hold.
I did find some prettier, chic and stylish shoes on Polyvore:

These are more fashionable and fun but I think the shoes I found on Pinterest are the best for my taste:

It's a great time for shoes because it seems there is no current theme.  Any height, any color, any material... and any price.  There are enough cute shoes at an affordable price that you needn't pine away for a style you know you will never have.  It's all there.
I can't wait for Spring!!!

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