Sunday, April 21, 2013

Farewell Twitter

4 Nov
I still think 'scrambles the death dealer' would have been a better name than . Credit : Nathan Explosion
So many new-fangled salutations - merry joy cheer! Happy season tidings! Lovepeace and shopping Yuletides ! So inspiring..
This was of course written at Christmastime.  Just a bit sour, I think.  People also feel the need to voice their opinion about every little news item.  I even managed to have an opinion regarding  several tv personalities.

Celebrities that confuse me: Justin Bieber Any Kardashian Nicole Ritchie One Tree Hill Jon Stewart's sexuality
This was Jan '11.  Apparently the time Jon Stewart  made gay marriage rights his sole mission in life.  There's no way he or any of his writers read that so what was my objective?
( Speaking of celebrities and twitter, this youtube video says it all! Must watch! click)

Bands that really need to go away: Coldplay Maybe another one Definitely Coldplay
Obviously Coldplay was getting on my nerves Jan '11. But why did I need to voice that opinion?

Twitter must be a symptom of a fear based mass neuroses. Sparked by insecurity and paranoia. Methinks.

I even answered my own question 2 years ago.  But that didn't stop me.

Axel Rose wishes he were Charlie Sheen.

I wrote this during Charlie Sheen's "winning" period.  It may be true but c'mon... how do I know what Axel is wishing.  I was picking on two nut jobs with one tweet.  Economical but unfair.

Man, I haven't had a 120 character thought in 18 days. Is that good or bad? (47 characters left) (so close) (just 13 more)

I actually think this one borders on genius.  Again, I have been fully aware of the absurdity  from the start, and yet kept up the charade for 2 1/2 years...

#prettyluckygirl I just played a 99 point word on Words With Friends! I didn't even think it was a suitable word. They really are my friends.

This one sheds a little light on the subject.  I was way proud of my 99 point word but there are few people you can brag about that to.  Really no people.  Except to broadcast it to the internets and somehow feel some invisible hand slaps and high fives.  ( pathetic in some circles; normal in others)

#prettyluckygirl So tonight is the season finale of and the season premiere of . That's tv magic right there.

This is just me talking to myself.

#prettyluckygirl National coffee day today? How much more can we celebrate coffee. It seems like all we do. How bout national healthy tap water day? Not easy

Occasionally  I get political... but that's a long dark road with no end to it.  Better stick to the dumb stuff!

#prettyluckygirl Forget '50 is the new 60'. I say 'dead' is the new 'live'.

I remember writing this.  I was in the sky lounge at the airport looking at all the people - it was terrifyingly appropriate.

I think I'm going to give up Mardi Gras for Lent 

That's pretty funny.  I'm sure I wasn't the first one to think of that though...

Jimi Hendrix is like the Jimi Hendrix of guitar gods.

Too true, yet a good tweet to end my tweeting on.  I leave you with one last tweet which was actually  a link to a very important video that I can only hope half of the world tuned into thanks to me!

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