Sunday, September 22, 2013


She has the talent to make this, and made THIS...

So it's one month and 2 days since my last post... just wanted to fess up right from the start.
Fall is upon us and so is the desire for knit goods.  Awesome sweaters, thick socks, fingerless gloves, cozy headbands etc...  I even bought a super cozy Elizabeth and James cable knit sweater last week to get the ball rolling - this exact sweater:
impossible to be more comfy than this!

The thing is, I made a new year's resolution to learn to crochet this year and I haven't yet attempted a single stitch.  I do know how to do basic knitting 'knit one pearl two' but have never even tried the simplest of crochet techniques.  And the clock is ticking (basically 3 1/2 months left).  So with fall in the air and a desire for sweaters n such I thought I would look up some easy patterns.  I have been stocking up on yarn these past  9 months - (anytime I see something on sale) and quite a few different sized knitting needles, but have only one crochet hook.  And there seems to be a lot more easy start patterns for knit as opposed to crochet.
50 'must try' is quite a lot

I'm definitely in the mood to do some knitting but also need to get that darn resolution out of the way!
There are tons of cute projects to get started on:
really must make these
in a different color this wouldn't look like a baby blanket, it would just be cute

There are so many patterns for bizarre  stuff.  I mean, the yarn wizards out there seem to gravitate towards the ridiculous ( like the boombox).  Most of it seems to be geared towards babies because they can't say 'no, I don't want to wear a hat that looks like a cupcake' or weird stuff for the house that no one can really make fun of due to the obvious time and effort it took.
ok, these are really hilarious
someone has a little too much time on their hands...
his hair is pretty textured as well, the good old days- that can't be a cd in his hand...?

Well, the snag in my resolution is that I seem to want to knit rather than crochet.  So I guess I will find a simple tutorial on a crochet pot holder and call it a day.   Then get started improving my knitting skills so I can make some awesome stuff!
like this!!!

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