Thursday, June 19, 2014

See You In HELL...

Not sure why my first new post in ages is a sarcastic rant, but, here it is...

If you find yourself in the unhappy circumstance of being in Hell, here are some things that you will surely find there :

wool eating moths
LG front loading washing machines
people saying "be safe"
JPMorgan Chase
the airport
the word "bespoke"
rent ( actual, not the theatrical production)
psych-meds for children
Tom Ford suits
21st century feminists
social media (yes, even blogs!)
MadMen season 5 and later
the price of razor blades
Sonic commercials
atheists (duh)
brightly colored men's socks
superbugs and ineffectual antibiotics
people who abused antibiotics in the first place causing the advent of superbugs
Mark Zuckerberg
dresses and skirts that are short in front and long in back
really long winters... that means you 2014!
lists... hey! wait a minute ; )

Then there is this which makes me wonder if that long list isn't a tip off that we are already in Hell-

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