Tuesday, March 17, 2015

K-Beauty Part II; Where to Buy Korean Beauty Products

Now has shops in NY & NJ!

It's true that Korean beauty shops have begun popping up all over the US.  Sephora now has a dozen or so Tony Moly products online (I haven't noticed them in the store...) and they have Dr Jart plus  their own Sephora version of the sheet mask (which is pretty new). Urban Outfitters has a massive Korean beauty section ( as well as a ton of 'online only' products; *they ship within the US only). And Target carries some Laneige skin care.
Tony Moly is probably the most visible Korean brand newly emerging on the American market.  Aside from Sephora and UO, there are 3 locations in NY ( a brand new one in Chinatown), a huge location in Annandale, VA and locations in LA and SF. Most likely others I don't know about...
Tony Moly is way into adorable, and here in the states, we love it!!!

Nature Republic also has stores in NY, NJ, and CA.

The Face Shop also has stores in NY and CA.

 I have shopped in each one of these stores in New York City.  They are pretty tiny in their K Town and Chinatown locations but I am told are more spacious in the Queens locations.  The Face Shop is said to have a location inside the H Mart in Chicago. (H Mart is a chain of grocery stores that I believe is nationwide.)
Last weekend I went to the H Mart in Kennesaw, GA (a sizable Korean community just north of Atlanta) and there was this Amore shop.  Amore is the parent company to many brands including Sulwhasoo, Laneige, Etude, Innisfree and Iope.
Every one of these shops offers a membership card which will give a discount after spending a certain amount and I think they all also give you 10% off during your birthday month.
So, there is Urban Outfitters, which is everywhere, and you may have an H Mart in your town that will have a skin care shop inside.  If you don't have that (too bad because the grocery shopping at H Mart is amazing!).... then you always have the internet.
MEME BOX is a wonderful site.  You don't have to sign up for the monthly box, you can buy any product and any box, anytime.  The prices are good, they ship from SF and they even have some of their own 'xo meme' items made for them in Korea. Check it out memebox.com.
Charlotte of Soko Glam

sokoglam.com is another awesome site.  It's NY based and also ships from US so again 3 - 4 days as opposed to 4 - 6 weeks from Korea.  Soko Glam is thoughtfully curated by the lovely Charlotte (pictured) who travels to Korea regularly to stay on top of the newest/latest.
There is also peachandlily.com.  It's a really nice site run by two extremely professional gals with tons of info and helpful tips.
And then of course, there is EBay.  I have purchased from f2plus1 and been happy with the whole experience.  They have a 99% positive feedback after 68000 sales so not a lot of risk here.  It does of course take around 6 weeks for shipping. The inventory is gynormous and it's easy to spend lots of time wandering around in this ebay store.  
I forgot to mention that all of these stores and f2plus1 on ebay give fairly generous samples.  I got no samples from MEME and have not purchased from Soko Glam or Peach & Lily although I would guess samples would be involved.  The samples are great for introducing you to all these wonderful products and helping put together your own skin care routine.
To sum it all up, there is nothing standing in the way of any American beauty junkie buying all the Korean products your bathroom can handle.  I am in love with some of these products and will give you my personal feedback and faves in the next post.  Meanwhile, go buy a memebox starter kit and have fun!

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