Monday, March 30, 2015

K-Beauty Part III: My Korean Product Faves

From a recent trip to Club Clio

#1 Fave - Peripera cushion blusher.  I can't live without this and there is NO stand in or duplicate. It's this exact product or nothing.

(All other faves I will not number because I love them all and I don't want to have to pick 'teachers pet'.)
Club Clio "Kill Cover" - excellent coverage, several options, all good.

Fairly recent Tony Moly repurchase

Tony Moly tony tint Delight in deep red and cherry red are kind of tied for #1 fave.  I stock up to make sure I am never without one.

I also repurchase the Pandas Dream white sleeping pack.  It is so light and comfortable and you wake up well hydrated.

Not your typical sheet mask

These Sun Clamue collagen masks are a cut above the regular sheet masks.  Pricier, but really effective. (the other two sample products were also high quality)

From The Face Shop

The Face Shop has my favorite eyebrow pencil.  Mostly just because they have the color that most perfectly goes with my complexion.
I also love this Mini Pet Sweet perfumed hand cream.  It's very lightly scented and of couse the little jar makes me smile!

These three Mizon products are an essential part of my morning and evening ritual.  Snail Recovery, HA drops and S-Venom Wrinkle Tox.  I have  pretty long list of other products that revolve in and out but these three are always there.

Everyone has different skin care needs and issues etc. and you really can't know if something is for you until you try it.  One bonus with the Korean brands is that they make samples of everything and also have testers in store etc. and you can figure out pretty quickly what direction to go in. 
Same with the make up.  I didn't even mention BB or CC creams because there are so many and it's really hard to recommend because of the difference in skin type and the kind of coverage preference differs from person to person.  But I will say that I have four different ones that I love and have tested several others that I also loved...
The bottom line for me is that I have not been disappointed with any product I have tried.  Some have not given me exactly what I was looking for but the product itself was fine.  The standards are very high and they don't normally perfume things or add very much that isn't essential to the efficacy of the product.
I hope I have inspired a few of you to get started on a Korean Beauty routine. I can only hope the more we show interest here stateside the more products will be available!

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