Sunday, April 5, 2015


Krispy Kreme

I just had my birthday.   Thank you, yes I had a very nice day.
I had planned this a few months ago - birthday freebies.  Like Starbucks free birthday drink, Sephora VIB birthday gift etc.  I looked into a few new ones and signed up for the 'fan club' just for an experiment.  The first failure was Krispy Kreme.  It was really bizarre because they did send me an email for a donut and coffee on my birthday, specifying the location, about a week before the glorious day.  On my birthday that email was no where to be found... nowhere.  I ended up going to the Krispy Kreme site to sign in and find out they didn't recognize my email.  I had received approx one email per week for three months and now they didn't have me on record.  And I couldn't find a single one of the emails they had sent me.  I decided the universe was trying to save me from some catastrophe like a new donut based ebola outbreak or something equally bad so I just moved along.

This is probably the fourth year I have taken advantage of the Starbucks offer.  Simple and to the point.  No craziness here just a major caffeine/sugar rush.

This is my third Sprinkles birthday cupcake - I got in on the ground floor (they now have a location in Atlanta as well as New York and Los Angeles).  I got chai flavor!


Second disappointment - Aveda.  A travel size hand lotion with a $30 order...?! Bogus.  They offer better deals than that all the time. They really need to step it up.  The other beauty insiders clubs are way more fun...

Sephora sent a post card as well as email and packaged these two Nars lipsticks in a cute 'Happy Birthday' box.  And did not specify a minimum order.

Club Clio

Club Clio was the hands down winner.  They know how to celebrate!  A make up case with 3 sheet masks, a lipstick that I got to choose myself, a hand lotion (yeah Aveda...) and three Goodal skin care samples.  Party time at Club Clio!!!

So, my birthday is over, and it's back to the real world another year older, but armed with some awesome beauty supplies.  Maybe I will have an extra beautiful year!

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