Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Exhibition @ The Morgan Library 6/26-10/11/15

"The enchanting tale of Wonderland was first told 'one golden afternoon' to Alice Liddell and her two sisters, and it was published in 1865 with the iconic illustrations of Sir John Tenniel." - from the Morgan calendar of events.

First off, this exhibit is spectacular! If at all possible - Don't Miss It!!!  Here is the New York Times write up that gives a good idea of how truly amazing this event is. 

This storybook with it's profoundly evocative illustrations has influenced and inspired for 150 years in a way that is quite astonishing.  Rather than talk about the details of the books original publishing and popularity, I would like to focus on the art.  The artwork of Sir John Tenniel has clearly imprinted itself on the psyche of so many and has  inspired sooooo many artists to create their own images based , I would say , on his interpretation.

This is the photo Lewis Carroll gave to Tenniel to use as his 'muse' for Alice. ( this isn't Alice Liddel, it's another family  friend)

I just want to post a ton of artwork done by many, many talented artist all paying tribute to this charming, wonderful tale of a somewhat know-it-all little girl who is proud and curious and polite and bossy and bright and absolutely lovable in a very 19th century way...

This is but a smattering...
How amazing that one story told in an afternoon while lazily boating on the Thames could inspire such creativity and obvious affection.

And last but not least:

American McGee's Alice.  A very good game but more importantly, visually stunning and more importantly still an original soundtrack that is hauntingly gorgeous and does everything all of these artists have done which is to thank, congratulate and admire the genius that is Alice in Wonderland.


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