Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Astrology : The Best Council

Lately I have been checking astrology blogs every morning with my coffee etc. and have found it to be very useful... and way more comforting than daily news!  Astro reports actually have answers.  If you have been missing a lot of appointments or things being cancelled or emails not being answered, chances are there is some kind of Mercury action (retrograde most likely).  Or maybe you haven't been able to sleep for a couple of nights in a row... check the Moon phase.  Yeah, most likely full.

But that's all pretty amateur.  When you follow daily planetary aspects then the sh*t starts to get real.
Transit, squares, trines, mutable crosses, it's serious and it really let's you know what is in the air, so to speak.  You know when it's best to bite your tongue or when to speak up.  You know if you should push that idea through or save it for a few days.  That kind of knowledge is priceless.  Nancy Reagan wasn't crazy.  She had an astrologer on speed dial!  24/7 access.  And it seemed to have worked really well for her (them).

This is the kind of stuff they are looking at, this weeks new moon in Gemini.  If you have ever had you natal chart done you probably got something that looks like this.  So you could take that copy of your chart and cross reference with a current chart showing where the planets are today (every day) and there you go.  Problems solved.
Or even easier, you go to one of many astrology blogs, (find the one that speaks to you, that you relate to) and let them do all the very time consuming translating and intuiting and 'reading'.  This kind of  information and interpretation is extremely helpful.  Even for small stuff like the best time to cut your hair or whether or not to make that purchase or take a day off.  It sounds 'superstitious' to a lot of people but in fact it puts you more in the driver seat of your own life.  You get in touch with the rhythms of natural life like seasons and lunar cycles, there is a right time for everything.  It makes more sense to use some planetary energy to your advantage to make things run smoother.  Human beings have been studying the affects of the planets and stars forever and there is no reason to believe that because we live by electricity the rest of the universe no longer has any affect on us. It does. And there are so many gracious and giving astrologers in the blogosphere it's crazy not to use it!

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