Tuesday, August 31, 2010


pretty girl, pretty nails, pretty funny

Girls and nails and nail polish...
I remember painting my toenails when I was very young, maybe 5 
at the most.  My mother wouldn't let my sister and I put polish on our fingers ( apparently that was unseemly for a little girl) but we cold gob on the red toenail polish all we wanted.  I used to love to see how long it would last.  Weeks, maybe months later, there would be that tiny scrap of red left on the big toe and finally I would concede and take it off with a cotton ball and polish remover.  By junior high I had discovered that I was blessed with very strong nails ( thank your genes for the hair and nails you have).  They grew very long without really trying.  I would change my polish once a week - sometimes letting my best friend's little sister do it (that's the kind of 13 year old celeb I was !).  Over the years I have gone through different phases - even the painfully pointed vampire nails of the 90's.  Then a couple of years ago I decided to go completely functional.  I got my regular mani/pedi but I had my fingernails cut very short and NO polish.  I buffed for a little while and then even passed on that.  Of course my toes had to pick up the slack with bright and cheery, seasonal colors, but I liked my quietly demure and sensible hands.  
  Just a few weeks ago I had gone a little too long between manicures and my strong and sturdy fingernails grew quite a bit.  So I went with it and decided to file them a little pointed ( a la Betty Draper) and used a neutral taupe polish.  All week I was having a ball with my long nails.  I decided to leave them for now and I am loving being back in the nail polish arena.
I bought 2 new colors - I am sticking with the neutral on my fingers and splashier on my toes.  I bought Butter of London "The Old Bill" for my toes (it has a 'bit' of sparkle)  and "Yummy Mummy" for my fingers.
Being the last day of August I didn't want to go too Autumnal just yet but there are some gorgeous deep colors in the Butter line that I can't wait to try.
  Nail polish is just one more thing that adds fun and art and glamor to the prettyluckygirl's every day.  It can seem absurdly trivial to stand in front of the row of bottles at the nail salon, fretting over which color to choose.  As if nail polish were an important decision.  Of course in the scheme of things it won't really affect our lives if we choose an unflattering color.  But, on the other hand, when you look down at your feet and see that adorable, shiny color looking back at you or when you are madly typing away on your keyboard and see those sexy little digits flying by, it gives you a lift.  And other people notice it too.  When you get a compliment from a stranger (or your spouse) it makes you feel happy.  And happiness isn't trivial, it's important.  So, by employing Socratic method, I have to deduce that nail polish is not trivial but important : )

*i must apologize for my amateur photos.  until i get around to purchasing a new camera my photos will mostly be taken with my iphone. 

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