Sunday, September 5, 2010


"stockings or socks of any kind"

That's a good definition because I love hosiery of all kinds : silk stockings, nylon stockings, back seams, Cuban heel, fishnet, mesh, textured, patterned, pantyhose, thigh - highs, knee highs, ankle socks, footless leggings... yes, "stockings and socks of any kind" can be very pretty.

I once very randomly ran into a boy ( who had since become a man ) from my elementary school class.  We chatted a bit and he admitted to me that he had had a little boy crush on me.  Then he said what he remembered most was that I always wore tights.  I have to admit I was flattered but what really made me blush was that he remembered my tights!  I decided he must of been a little boy of substance and was pleased that he had been an early admirer of my hosiery choice.

I like to say that if I were a man I would be a "leg man".  But the truth is I am a "leg woman".  I can honestly say I stop in my tracks when I see a beautiful pair of legs.  And that goes for men's legs too!  A gorgeous set of gams is actually rare as it is God given.  Modern medicine can cure many unfortunate gene pool mistakes but you can not buy a beautifully proportioned set of legs.
On the other hand, the variety of styles and textures, lengths and colors, sheers and control tops etc makes hosiery the non medical option to creating the illusion of the gorgeous gams.
Like all things pretty, hosiery can be quite costly, and like many things costly and pretty, it can be well worth it.  But, there are ways around these roadblocks.  I am lucky enough to be in NYC where I can take advantage of sample sales that allow me to purchase very high end stockings and lingerie at 75 - 80% off.  I still end up spending too much!  But I have a pair of vintage silk stockings that I bought at least 5 years ago and have only worn once.  Very carefully!  I also have several pair of Chantal Thomas stockings for several years and have worn them once.  I do like having them in my lingerie dresser.  I look at them often and even take them out carefully and feel the soft texture in my hands then carefully put them back in their package. I do wear some of my expensive hose - Wolford, La Perla, Ose... but certain ones are kept like treasure.  These expensive niceties are to make you feel feminine, and pretty even if that means just knowing they are in your drawer.  Like a fine wine in the cellar that you look at often and wonder just what special occasion will prompt you to open it.  Meanwhile, as with wine, there are perfectly good, less expensive versions of these collectables for everyday use.

Feel glamorous, be pretty, and know how lucky you are!  I raise a glass of fine wine to legs and their adornments.

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