Wednesday, September 15, 2010


How lucky are we to have animals accept us as their friends?  The relationship between animal and human is humbling, deeply satisfying and a complete blessing.  Whether a dog, cat, horse, pig or cow, a friendship with an animal is a lesson in the possibilities of existence.
  These members of another species that allow us to teach them our rules, expect behavior from them that is unnatural to them, change their world in so many ways, still treat us with love and respect and generally view us as the dominant clan leader. Maybe it's because we show up with  food and water and shelter almost magically, but they respect our advanced skills and are willing to defer to us in the decision making the way they choose a pecking order amongst themselves.
  It seems they are making a practical decision.  I don't want to talk here about the humans who abuse their advanced technology and strength.  It's the the shame of mankind that these bullies still insist on abusing our animal neighbors  they give us their love and trust and improve and save our lives daily.

  Making a close bond with an animal teaches us so much about ourselves.  Dogs are possibly the most popular domesticated animal and its easy to understand  why.  They are tireless workers, protecting the area, ridding it of intruders, waiting patiently for us to return and expressing such joy at being reunited with us at the end of the day that it's a lesson in love each time that happy, tail wagging, jumping, spinning ball of generosity greets us at the door.
 Then there is the seductive, mysterious, ever entertaining cat.  There's nothing more homey and cozy then a cat curled up just about anywhere.  In your lap purring, high up on a bookcase, on a windowsill soaking up the sun, wherever a cat parks itself that place becomes comfortable.  I love going into a small shop or private business where a cat is allowed to walk around.  It feels right.  And the cat  likes having a place to monitor and survey.  He's doing his job.  He keeps the rodents out and shines with personality causing us to say a polite "hello" as we scoot passed.
  We are more than just pretty lucky to have these gorgeous creatures befriend us.  We are blessed...
  Please love animals, don't eat them !

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