Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Make Up

prettyluckygirl !

Make up is so fun.  It's such a symbolic moment in a girl's life when you are actually allowed to wear make up outside the house.  Not for dress up or Halloween but really walking out the door with make up on and knowing (or hoping) that you will be taken seriously in the outside world with the make up you applied all by yourself shining on all who behold your awkward preteen deliriously happy little countenance.  Even if all you were allowed was mascara and lip gloss it felt utterly glamorous.
Some people feel that make up is a kind of mask you wear almost like war-paint to make you feel more powerful in the outside world.  I think there is some truth to that.  I think I am braver when I have on "heavy" make up.  I know I am less camera shy the more make up I am wearing.  Sometimes the make up matches my mood and sometimes it creates it.  Either way, I am an artist creating and the result is my work of art.
As I have gotten older I think I choose colors and looks that compliment my own complexion and color.  When you are very young you don't really have to consider those things.  You can do whatever you want as long as its artistic and well executed you can pull off almost anything ( example: Lady Gaga).  Now I am better and better at finding exactly what works and hopefully enhances my better features etc.  For example, I have gray- blue eyes.  I now know that blue and green do not look good or at least do not enhance or improve the situation.  Sadly neither does black.  Brown/black mascara is better, brown, smokey, or purple eye shadow are best.  I still do black mascara and liner because some addictions are impossible to give up.
I also used to love bright lipstick.  But I have given that up for the most part.  Every so often I will hurl caution to the wind and wear a matte red but that would be an indication of a very strong mood.  Mostly I wear softer colors and glossy at that.
My eyebrows are my real enemy.  I have to fight with them every day.  Not because they are thick and unruly.  Then the brow technician could fight with them once a month and that would be that.  No, mine are almost non-existent.  And when some brave and amazingly skilled eyebrow magician (Lisa) finds a trace of a shape, it takes all manner of excavation to bring a vague semblance of eyebrow to the surface, requiring layers of brow powder.  I never had great eyebrows but this current situation seems to be a result of years of tweezing to a lovely 1930s thin line of a brow.  Now even that thin line is a bit patchy.  Anyway,  thanks to make up I can walk out the door with eyebrows shaping my eyes and adding glamor to my look.
Blush has also become more critical as the years move on.  It really has to be just right.  Because I am blonde, blue eyes, a few freckles, a pink translucent blush looks great.  Without it I think I look anemic.
Foundation :)  What would any of us do without foundation.  In high school I used it to dot on the pimples dimming the blaring red spots.  I only applied it to the spots.  Now I cover my whole face so that it has an even tone.  Even very sheer 'see thru' foundation evens out the over all color.  I don't have to completely cover the freckles and what not, just trying to keep it all on the same chromatic level.  Foundation is really necessary. 
There are "make up artists" for a reason.  It is an art.  It is very helpful to allow those professionals to show you a thing or two whenever the chance comes along.  It's also a blessing that some of these generous souls have actually posted tutorial videos on You Tube.  Thank you!!  Make up is very fun but can of course be frustrating and I find make up blogs etc so very helpful.  One more reason to consider myself prettylucky  :)

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