Monday, October 11, 2010


Staying pretty while traveling takes some effort. Flocks of teenagers traveling somewhere for spring break roaming the airport in sweats and carrying the pillow from home is kind of okay (for them) during spring break but really not something prettyluckygirls want to get caught up in. There is the grown up girl equivalent which is sweats of some kind (a designer label doesn't change the fact that you're wearing sweats. In public. Arriving at a city you don't live in with a possible climate difference). It's a matter of lowering the barre to the absurd. If you're not at the gym or home alone in front of the tv then actual clothing is kind of expected.
Anyway, I travel quite a bit - I'm not so much a globetrotter as a commuter. But I think I can give some helpful hints on pretty lucky travel. There's more to it than just choosing a smart looking, comfortable outfit.
The first part of pretty lucky travel is your flight info and boarding pass. You see some very unattractive scenes erupt when the traveler is unprepared. They tend to take it out on some beleaguered counter person and that's when their luck starts to change.  For the worse.
Whatever airline you choose you should either print your boarding pass at home or if the mobile device check in is available that's the best. Whatever you do ALWAYS be sure you have you confirmation # written somewhere. Never take out your mood on the airport staff. It's just cruel. Their job is unattractive enough without you losing it. Make sure you have an airline customer service # in your phone so at the onset of any change or unpleasantness you don't join the herd and storm the gate representative. Instead you quickly dial that # and ask about your options. Key to pretty lucky travel - Stay Calm.
Assuming your flight is on time etc, now it's time to board and get settled properly. This part also requires pre-planning. You need your carry on which goes under your seat to be loaded with the following : make up bag, gum/mints, glasses,phone, snack from home (ziplock of trail mix beats the ice age peanuts they pass out. Fruit is even better), magazine or paperback, pen or pencil,travel size hand lotion, a sample vial of an uplifting perfume, hairbrush/comb. Now you're pretty set. You put your suitcase overhead and your well supplied bag under the seat and you promptly take your seat. This is when I like to listen to music.
These are the mechanics of pretty lucky travel. Now for the pretty part. Things to consider when choosing what to wear. Even if you are going straight to a meeting (which is bad planning. You should always give yourself a chance to freshen up) you can still change shoes, fix hair in the car on the way in. Sitting on a plane in heals or boots is generally uncomfortable. Wear your flats and have you official shoes accessible for changing in the cab. Don't try to maintain a hairdo on the flight either. Put it in a loose ponytail etc and brush it and add some product in the car. If you gave yourself time to shower and change once you arrive then you can dress comfortably and attractively for travel. I have fun making up my travel outfit. I have a very good looking luggage set and I take care to look nice and pulled together. Flat slip on shoes are essential. No probs at security and nice and comfy in your seat. A silk scarf or pashmina are essential (especially in summer! The a/c tends to be many degrees below comfort level). 
  Air travel is certainly not the glamorous, snazzy situation it was in the 40s. Or even the 60s and 70s but you can do your best to make your own snazz and glamor even in these dull and cattle car times.

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