Sunday, October 17, 2010


Hair is a very personal, very emotional subject.  People carry a lock of a loved one's hair when they're apart, they celebrate a baby's first haircut, in the Victorian era they made jewelry of hair,  they made decorative objects of the hair of the deceased, we express ourselves politically, culturally, and artistically with hair length, color etc.  We seem always to wish we had the hair of someone else.  If we have straight hair we perm it, if its curly we blow it straight, we wish we could wear it very short or we wish it would grow longer etc.  We spend enormous amounts of money, and most of all time, on our hair.  I think I love the way my hair looks once every 6 weeks - when I walk out of the salon.

    I have had my hair every different color, length , cut.  Mostly out of boredom.  The great thing about hair is that it grows.  Hair disasters are very depressing but the silver lining is that 'it will grow'.

    There have been many characters throughout the years whose memorable characteristic is their hair.  Samson, Lady Godiva, Marie Antoinette, Jean Harlow, Cher, Bob Marley, Angela Davis, Farah Fawcett.

Hair is sexy.  Touching someones hair is romantic and sweet.  Combing someones hair is calming and caring.  Pulling someones hair is like hitting.  Shaving one's head is humbling or it's disciplinary.  Illness makes hair fall out.  Health and hormones make hair shiny and thick.  Hair frames the face and it falls down the back.   There is no wonder it is the topic of fairy tales and magic spells.

Hairstyles, hair accessories, hair products...
I think my favorite hair experience is diving into a pool, taking a few strokes under water and coming up face first with my wet hair streaming down my back.  Its an amazing feeling of freedom and a natural clean unaware moment of beauty.  For that one moment as you're coming up out of the water you are an innocent mermaid.  And it's all thanks to that hair trailing behind you in the water .
Taken right around the corner from the salon. Just 6 more weeks til another great hair day!

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