Thursday, March 8, 2012


luv the matching stripes on shirt/shoes !

I've been like a tulip dying to burst through the earth and pop up into the sunshine all happy and bright.  It's Spring (almost - 12 days to the vernal equinox).  Being an Aries, Spring is my thing.  And Spring/Summer fashion is also my thing.  Growing up in So Cal I never had to really dress for Fall/Winter.  It doesn't come naturally to me.  So when Spring is this close I start to feel that wonderful relief and excitement about beefing up my wardrobe with the kind of things I love.
I snagged all these photos from online magazines like Vogue, Glamour, Bazaar, and Elle.  I'm assuming they don't mind since I pose no threat of competition.  I also don't remember the names of most of the designers attached to these photos as there is no way I will be buying these designer fashions.  I will do what most of the world does and get inspiration from these looks and then go trolling through affordable stores trying to recreate said look. 

The color 'mint' is getting a lot of play.  And I like it although I have to mention that this actual mint leaf is not pastel but indeed quite saturated and I think the color they are calling 'mint' is really the color of the scent of mint.  I like these following pieces and the fragrance that they imply.

I'm generally not a 'pink' girl.  Never was.  It has a corniness that I like to avoid.  But these ethereal pinks are quite alluring.

I really like this bag.  It's dreamlike; almost invisible.  I also want to take a bite out of it.  It makes me think of a petit-four. 

These are great.  They manage to be sweet, conservative, stylish and sexy all at once.  What a bargain!

And obviously we all need a pair of rose colored glasses.  Especially these !

These shoes are awesome.  When done right, like these, the clear plastic thing is so cool.  I am imagining this necklace lying perfectly around the neck with all its' little teardrops fanned out.  Very nice...

While we are on the color blue, there was one photo that literally took my breath away.  I mean I stopped breathing for a moment.  Let me share :

This is one designer name I remember - Ralph Lauren.  Yes.  On the runway.  Overalls.  With dumpy hat.  And Wizard of Oz blouse.  Let me just say here and now that I have never, will never, evvvverrrr wear overalls.  I don't think I need to elaborate.

Here is a much needed palate cleanser after that last photo.  These nails are so freaking cool!!!  They are some kind of clear lucite.  And the awesome white snowflake manicure... this is truly the cure for the nausea induced by those overalls.

And now it gets even better -

I have so many fantasies regarding this skirt.  Running through the city streets in an orange cloud, wearing it to the beach and taking off the skirt with that top turning out to be my one piece bathing suit, flopping down on the couch in a lobby of some fancy hotel floating in orange, taking the Staten Island Ferry and standing on the deck with my skirt billowing 8 yards behind me... it goes on. ( I also want to fall asleep in it after all that other stuff)

Last but not least, my total fave :

LOVE  this!  The whole thing.  The dress, the shoes, the glasses, the hair... it's so me.  Or maybe in my own head it's so me.  But I truly would love to walk around like this.

So, now the work/fun begins.  Thrashing around my closet, seeing what needs a make over, what needs to go, what is so obviously not in there... It's not always easy or pretty.  It takes a bit of elbow grease being a prettyluckygirl.  But really, I guess that's alot of the fun : )

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  1. I agree with you that mints are almost every where! I find a lots of clothes and stuff colored with mints and I know for sure, this will be the color of the spring season. I'll be checking out soon my favorite clothing store if I can find cheap clothes with mint color. I wanna get fashionable this spring time.