Friday, October 4, 2013

Javita Coffee

A friend of mine has bought in to the Javita money making plan and gave me her version of the 'hard sell' which ended in her saying that she is not very good at selling and she is glad she has sold enough to cover her investment.  Then she told me to look at the website because it will explain things better than she can.  I am going to assume that she probably represents 90% of the Javita sales team.  Implying that the other 10% are indeed making money. 

The first thing I noticed was page after page of Google items that matched my search "Javita coffee".  I guess the miracle of online sales technique goes beyond listing your website as a sales rep.  Next stop YouTube.  Again, all the  motivated sales reps have diligently posted videos showing the wonders of 'multi level marketing' with charts, graphs, and advise galore helping their prospective team members to comprehend the wonders of a ' network marketing structured business'. 

Then I checked Amazon and EBay and there were again lots of listings for the product at a bit of discount from the suggested retail ( or the price that the 90% of sellers are asking to try to get their investment back before calling it a day.)

Actually, the product itself is probably quite viable - a coffee that has added the herb Garcinia Cambogia which is an appetite suppressant.  Although, coffee is already kind of a diet helper as caffeine is the main ingredient in most weight loss supplements.  Still, the idea of 'weight loss coffee' should be easy to sell.  Especially when it has been enthusiastically endorsed by none other than Dr. Oz.  I'm sure one of the original sales team wrangled Dr. Oz at the get go and now he is probably one of the people who 'sit back and watch the money roll in'. 

I watched one woman's YouTube video and was not surprised to find her attempting to collect my email address with a very obvious ruse.  She first pointed out that she is an award winning Internet marketer and told a bit of a sob story about how broke and desperate she once was.  She talked in a very casual manner and gave just the right amount of professional 'I know what I am talking about' and personal 'I was once just as desperate and dumb as you' in her brief talk.  She rambled on about her kids and how important her time is and how her tried and true award winning method of Internet team building and sales paid so well that she had tons of spare time for vacations and soccer games etc.  Then ,of course, she leans in and conspiratorially drops the bomb - she is going to share her hard earned strategy with you.  She is going to tell you how she gathers 2,000 new contacts a week without phone calls or coffee party's at her house.  All you need to do is fill in your email address and she will send you the info.  Yeah.  Apparently, every week 2,000 people fall for this and fill out the space for their email and voila! she has her new contacts.  They are proving her strategy on the spot. 

They are not allowed to use the words 'pyramid scheme' for obvious reasons.  It's now referred to as a 'direct-selling industry'.  But the coffee is not what you are directly selling.  You are still a middle man as far as that goes.  You are directly selling the industry itself.  Your team has bought the idea of making money selling coffee and building their own team from you.

As you can tell I have a lot  of issues with this.  First of all, Dr. Oz...?  Really?  I can't believe anyone would believe anything from a guy who has the last name Oz.   The word Oz is literally a metaphor for fraud.  The man behind the curtain.  The 'great and powerful' lost little explorer from Omaha.

Then there is the unbelievable saturation of every single Internet avenue.  The bulk of these being about sales and joining the team and far fewer actual customer reviews bragging about their miraculous weight loss.   

Soooo.....  I am afraid this prettyluckygirl is going to pass on this opportunity to sell an amazing product, make possible millions and help others to do the same without ever having to leave the house or really do anything except cash all my checks that roll in each month.  But I won't stop anyone else from trying.  Who knows, the great and powerful Dr. Oz might really have something in his bag to make your dreams come true!

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  1. lol, Dr. Oz does not promote or endorse weight loss coffee or Javita coffee. He promotes garcinia cambogia which is just an ingredient infused into the Javita coffee.

    And no, he does not make money from Javita lol. His show actually aired many months after the Javita weight loss coffee was already on the direct sale market.